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0 years my IS infiltration Symbol - VICE ISIS of invasion FP JUNE, 0 Blame America BY GORDON ADAMS What is happening in Iraq is a warning, is also a tragedy. America goes to the rescue anywhere in the world, Beware of the optimistic assumption that. The United States is sufficient financial resources and good intentions, experts, equipment, because we have soldiers that are trained. Can recover the security in the problem areas of the world, beware on the premise that. The United States, often with underwriting it, but the effort, have paid to the cost of the failure. It is a tragedy. Since 00 years, the United States has spent more than 000 million dollars, were trained to develop the Iraqi army. To support the government, the amount paid the American taxpayer is a trillion dollars or more, issued a more than one million casualties. In the amount it does not include the cost to compensate for the mental and physical damage, which suffered the American soldiers. 00,000 from 000,000 Iraqis between the have obtained the living expenses as a temporary employment security personnel.

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