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0 years my IS infiltration Symbol - VICE Pass the large-scale renovation project of next year and Berlin Charlie checkpoint After the Second World War, to separate the East Berlin and West Berlin, Checkpoint Charlie, which became a symbol of the Cold War, it takes a new look. After many years of discussion and debate, the Senate of Berlin City Council has approved a redevelopment plan for carrying out a large-scale renovation project at this historic place in the final. According to the authorities announced plans, when the renovation is complete, brand new public square, there is a museum, and new housing is also built. Renovation plan is still awaiting approval by the City Council House of Representatives. If all goes well, it is scheduled to be carried out in the next month. After the war, is divided into Berlin Hatsu, Checkpoint Charlie is now the most famous intersection. After the Berlin Wall collapsed in the year, Germany is unified, now tourist attractions. For many tourists, it has caused confusion, and, some people have criticized the location as [the Cold War Disneyland].

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